Support Services

  • Web & WAP Applications

       Berelo Innovations offers its clients the ability to build    bespoke platforms both online and mobile based, these are    used to provide benefits and services to customers &    employees. Essentially these are platforms where members    of a particular programme can access discounts and    benefits that have been specifically sourced for them.    These offers may vary drastically, based on the    demographic and make-up of the base in question. There    are several advantages for using online and mobile based    vehicles for the delivery of benefits including:

    • Clients & Members can access their benefits from wherever    they are, allowing for the assimilation into everyday    behavior.

    • The cost of communication with members is relatively low    compared to physical mediums.

  • Graphic Design

       We offer a fully fledged in-house graphic design service    across all mediums. We work with brands to ensure    consistency with their own corporate identity and all design    elements are approved by the client before any campaign    goes live.

  • Reporting & Statistics

       Full redemption statistics are provided for each product per    outlet and per region. This best ensures full knowledge of    redemption of all products and services. All coupon and    voucher redemption is streamlined, providing a clear    indication of which products best suit each customer    demographic.

  • Strategy

       It is critically important to ensure that any loyalty    programme is in line with brand objectives and strategy.    We work with the brand in question to develop a loyalty    programme that at all times is promoting and developing    the brand strategy and assists in the delivery of brand    goals and objectives. We will specifically develop programs    around the requirements of each brand & database owner.    By first analysing and developing the necessary strategy to    attain engagement with the required market we will ensure    the sustainable success of the marketing initiative.

  • Market Research

       Berelo Innovations will develop and examine market    conditions according to the below criteria:

    • What is the product or service? Its use?
    • Who benefits most from the use of the product or service?
    • What is the unmet need your product or service fulfills?
    • Who does not know about the product or service but may    be interested in it?
    • Who buys the product? Are they the same person?
    • Competitive products or services.
    • What needs and wants are these products or services    fulfilling?
    • The length of the sales or benefits cycle?
    • Industry outlook.
    • Sales processes, targets and development of delivery.
    • Demographics of the target market: Identifying age;    gender; marital status; family size; income level;    education; occupation & ethnicity of people that buy the    product or service.
    • Size of the market in your target market's geographic area.
    • Realistic estimate of company's expeted market share.
    • Frequency of product or service purchase.
    • Purchasing process.