Coupons & Vouchers

These are very effective delivery mechanisms for benefits and value-added services. Essentially they contain a tangible and measurable saving that is derived from utilising the vouchers and offerings in the publication. They also allow the brand owners to have regular communication with their customers & employees, and create an expectation within the database of receiving value on a regular basis.

These publications are very effective when "bolted-on" to an existing member base and can also be an additional revenue stream to the database owners through subscription charges.



Mobile Coupons & Vouchers

We have identified the need for the development of a system to deliver coupons and vouchers through a mobile platform. The mobile phone is ubiquitous in South Africa, with millions of consumers having access to a mobile phone and more and more choosing to utilise digital methods of interaction over conventional ones. Berelo Innovations empowers clients to make the leap into mobile commerce, with full support and robust white-labeled solutions.

Unlike traditional benefit delivery techniques, SMS/USSD is a predictable, user-friendly and secure way of delivering a value proposition to the end-user. USSD & SMS messages ensure that you get a straight forward and easy to use redemption mechanism, without the complexity of credit card merchant accounts, paper vouchers or online platforms.

We have a range of products that take full advantage of the revolution of mobile commerce, from FMCG to 3rd party mobile coupon delivery systems.